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It Was Me

I wrote this in a moment of awareness of how I let my failures consume me to the point to where I was utterly crushed.  Sometimes it is only at this rock bottom point in life that the shock of life's pain and defeat is sufficient enough for one to wake up and realize that only Christ can give true restoration and forgiveness.  
This poem came to me in minutes.  Although like many of my poems, most everything is a symbol of things occurring in my life, I don't like to spend a lot of time translating. I like for people to come up with their own interpretations and relate it to things in their life that have them locked up.  Many times the key to freedom is plain and simple "truth."
Staring at the hard cold floor
I became lost in it’s dullness
It was the loud clang of the bars
Closing shut
That startled me out of my daze
I stood up
Only glancing at myself in the mirror
Even in the dim light
The numbers on my shirt shocked me
As I walked to the bars
And looked out
I studied the guard walking away
It was me
Later I noticed the warden
Listening to the radio
Behind the glass
It was me
Outside in the yard
As I jogged around the patch of grass
The barbed wired fence
Was deafening to me
I looked up at the patrolman
In the tower
The one with the automatic weapon
And the binoculars
It was me
So shocked
I stopped
I sat down
And thought
As the reality of my incarceration
Began to dawn on me
I had to think some more
About what brought me here
My accusers…..
Family, friends, co-workers
But the one that had the most to accuse me of
Was me
I vaguely remembered the courtroom drama
It was a blur to me
But I distinctly remembered
The judge
Looked a lot like me
The jury members
Was me
With a unanimous verdict
Of guilty
I started weeping as I remembered
My Defense Attorney
HE defended me
With everything HE could
HE had this deal
This plea bargain
That HE would pay my debt
To set me free
All I had to do was accept it
But I rejected it
And took condemnation instead
And now
I know
I must call my Defense Attorney
And put in my appeal
Inspired by the Holy Spirit, written by malachi819, 01-07-11


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