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Lasting Memories of Summer Camp

I'm sure the memories that my girls have from summer camp will stay with them for a long time.

It's not only the excitement of being on their own away from home, but it's the adventure of doing something different and new… being around new people and trying new things that leaves such a lasting impression with the children. The hardest part is saying goodbye to new friends.

Kira loved the zip line the best and the games that they played at night. Kira says that her counselors shared testimonies with them one night and they, as a group, stayed up just talking and sharing with each other.

One week at camp... a lifetime of HOPE!

Angel and Ajsa liked the canoes and “fru fru” night where they got to put on makeup and dress up. They loved their camp counselors and when they talk about camp they mainly talk about how nice the counselors were. Angel said that she loved her counselors and will never forget them. Ajsa loves talking about Sweetie Bop, Cutie Pie and Crazy Bob and all the fun things they did together; and the stories that Crazy Bob, who is color blind, would tell them. They also loved the t-shirts that their camp counselors and friends signed. They still have them hanging in their closet.

We really appreciate the Star of Hope family, Ms. Gabby and her team for doing such a great job coordinating everything, giving the girls new summer outfits, duffel bags and a new Bible. I really am grateful to everything that the youth department has done to make the childhood experience of my girls full of such wonderful memories.

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