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The Star of Hope

Two days I have endured

This tormenting spirit

The one that is too strong for me

The one that I have entertained for so long

I needed to get us out for a few minutes

A few snacks and hot chocolate in the warmth of the car

There was this beautiful choir singing to me through the radio

“I am standing…

In the need…

Of a blessing!”

And my thought was this,

God “is” the blessing

As I looked up through the front window of my car

From the parking lot

Through the wind and the trees

For the first time since it was erected

I really noticed the Cross

And its accompanying Star

It seemed especially beautiful in this very moment

As it shined so brightly in the dark of the night

It seemed to be speaking to me

And I knew I was still loved

And the Spirit of God spoke to me

Saying these words

“There is not one beyond my reach

And you,

My Beloved

Who are so close to my heart

I will never leave”

And today

I have learned faithfulness

What it means to really yearn

After the LORD

And to need HIS Word,

To long for HIS comfort

That no matter what temptation comes along

Nothing or no one can separate me from God’s love

Wendi Hay - written 11/25/10

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