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The Stroll

This is my version of the famous "The Footprints in the Sand" poem.


Strolling down memory lane

With the LORD

Is needful

During those moments of testing

I call on HIM

HE takes my hand

And together

We walk back through

The green pastures

The still waters

Recalling beautiful sunsets

Ocean shores

Unforgettable moments

When I knew

I was loved

I was kept

I was carried

HE gently RE-directs my gaze

Towards those infamous footprints

They were the strangest prints

For they don’t resemble

Anything close to human

They were heavy in the earth

Dragging deep lines across the sand

Every single step a struggle

From carrying a heavy load

And because of the shackles

That bound my feet and hands

The obvious trenches

Where I attempted to bury myself

Or the heavy imprints

Where I collapsed under the weight

Tearfully I look at HIS face


HE softly asks me this question?

Shall we continue my love?


Would you prefer to go back?

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, written by malachi819, 02-23-11


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