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A Troubled Past

Her body language was angry and defiant as she paced back and forth in the lobby. Her hand gestures punctuated her angry words. A staff member stood at a safe distance speaking gently and softly to her in Spanish.

“What is she saying?” I asked.

“Basically, she is cursing me, and I am blessing her.”

“Well, keep a safe distance just in case.”

“She is not in reality. She thinks I am a family member from her past.”

She stopped, cleaned out her bag, became compliant for only a few minutes, then returned to nervous pacing and defiance. Her behavior had reached the point where she was a danger to herself and others at the Shelter, and she rejected all attempts by staff to reach her. CIT officers came and transported her to the hospital for observation and possible stabilization on meds.

Like so many others, she was trapped in a troubled past – but unwilling to receive from those who loved her, the freedom she so desperately needed.

Only Jesus can truly heal a troubled past, and He will if we will let Him. He came to set prisoners free and to proclaim freedom for captives. This freedom, however, is a gift that must be received by grace through faith in the person of Jesus Christ. Not everyone wants it, or values it, but those who find Christ find freedom unlike anything this world has to offer – freedom of the soul.

Houston Emergency Shelter
Star of Hope Mission

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