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The Adventurer

“I got enough Jesus; what I need is money!”

He stood beside the train tracks awaiting a train to anywhere with a backpack at his feet. The broken and missing teeth, bruises (both fresh and old), scars and disfigured bone structure were evidence of a violent and hard life. He was clearly running from a troubled past to an uncertain future – a "Viking", "hard-hitter," "adventurer" riding the rails to nowhere.

My mind went back to the body I saw cut in half on these same rails a few years earlier – another adventurer that didn’t make it. In Hollywood, a life like his is often romanticized and sometimes even considered heroic. In reality, however, this lifestyle is far from romantic. The past is troubled, the present is hard, and the future is bleak. The world is a dark place, and eternity is always just a misstep away.

Money would not solve his problems, but Jesus could. He just couldn’t see...I pray that God will arrest him before he takes that misstep and put him on the road to somewhere – Heaven!

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