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The Closed Mind

“Do you love Muslims?” he spat at me with hatred flashing from his eyes and a cynical tone in his voice as he handed back the tract I had given him.

“Yes,” I said.

Clearly, he did not believe me and fired a couple more questions at me. The questions were land mines. I had the sense that any misstep would result in an explosion, and the explosion came on the third question when I failed to answer it to his satisfaction. In essence, he called me a hypocrite, cursed me, and told me to get away from him.

“Ok, God bless you anyway” I said as I turned to walk away.

“And god bless you, whoever he or she is,” he spewed as I walked away.

I knew when he asked the first question that no matter what answer I gave I could not satisfy him. I was already judged by him and found wanting. He was a total stranger; I still don’t know his name, or he mine. Yet, by appearance alone, he determined that I was an intolerant, judgmental individual and his enemy.

Ironic, how the most intolerant, judgmental people I’ve met are always accusing other people of being judgmental and completely intolerant of any view but their own.

Not a surprise however. An old saint once told me that he could always tell what a man’s sin problem was by listening to what he harped on regarding other people.

Seems I remember Jesus saying something about judging others and getting the beam out of your eye before you try to help others with the splinter in theirs...

This counseling stuff is tricky...

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