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The Conversation

She sat across the desk holding a silent conversation with an unseen friend.

Her story was like so many others: placed in foster care at the tender age of five, averaged three institutions per year until age fifteen when she ran away for good, molested, abused, neglected, abandoned, gang affiliations, a criminal with a violent record, a mother with many children all lost in a storm – a hurricane, a broken heart – hopeless and alone.

She came to my office due to a rule infraction - a disciplinary problem in the shelter.

“Do you know Jesus?” I asked.


“Have you ever heard the Gospel?”

“No, what’s that?”

I handed her a small booklet, The Four Spiritual Laws, and asked her to read it.

“Out loud?” She asked.

“Yes, if you want.”

She started with the first law about how God loves her and has a wonderful plan for her life.

“Do you believe that?”

“Yes,” she said somewhat hesitantly.

She read the next part about how sin separates us from God so we cannot know and experience God’s wonderful plan for our lives.

“Do you know what sin is? Have you sinned?”


She read the next part about how Jesus Christ is God’s only provision for sin – how He died in our place for our sins – paid our debt - so we could be reconciled to the Father. As she read, she began to weep.

That was when she began her dialog with the invisible Guest. As she wept, she nodded her head in agreement to some inaudible admonition. She shook her head as though saying "no," then nodded her head again. Tears flowed down her cheeks, and she wept and wept, and wept... Twenty minutes passed as we (staff) waited for her to finish her conversation. The flow of tears diminished, and she grew calm.

“Is God talking to you?”


She read the last part – the part about receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior – opening the door of the heart and inviting Him to enter in.

“Would you like to give your heart to Christ today?”


She left with a smile on her face and Christ in her heart.

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