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Eggs-traordinary Youth!

How do four eggs, parachutes and the Garden of Gethsemane teach us about serving our community? Check out this blog! For the past two weeks, the Stars of 2Morrow teen department has been pouring into the teens about how we can serve our “community.” We discovered that a community can be anything around us from a group of friends, the city we live in, or even our family! To illustrate how we can we... Read More »
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More Servant's Hearts!

Myron and I were frantically looking for the teens to take them on an outing. Because of the time strain, we tried to leave earlier than the time on the permission slips. To our surprise, we could only get a handful of teens, because about 9 teens were pre-occupied – with serving in the kitchen! The serving line and dishwashers…full of teens serving the guests with smiles on their faces! Then... Read More »
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Servant's Heart

“If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.”  -- John 13:14-15 Last week I came into work like I always do on a typical Thursday. As the time rolled around for the teens to return from school, Dominck Mancuso came through my door. This surprised me a little bit because... Read More »
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I Got Accepted!

Here’s the story about a girl who got accepted in UT Austin. At the first thought, this statement isn’t that spectacular. But if this was the average girl, then this would be the average statement. Nearly two years ago, I had a girl come through the doors of the Women & Family Emergency Shelter that will never leave my memory. Reva came in with her five sisters, brother, and mom. This was not her... Read More »
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A Camping We Will Go!

Get together 120 bags filled with toiletry items, six sets of clothes, two towels, a bathing suit, and load them on three buses filled with 120 excited, yet nervous kids and teenagers and what do you have?... One of the greatest experiences of a young child's life. You have camp! One of my favorite weeks of the year as a Youth Minister at Star of Hope's Women and Family Shelter is being able to... Read More »
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What a Surprise!

When a teenager comes into Star of Hope with his or her family, they will receive many things that they need from shampoo to a uniform for school. But I feel the greatest gift that they will receive while they live here at the Women and Family Shelter is something that I give to them. Almost every teen that has come through our doors has received a Bible! Many of the teens that come through here... Read More »
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My Beginning

About four years ago, I was led to the Star of Hope Mission to work with youth (ages 13-17) through a three month internship between my junior and senior year of college. After graduation, I began to work full-time in the position I have now- Youth Minister. And through these years I look at these youth and the same thought comes to mind, "I cannot say enough!" It would be impossible for me to say... Read More »
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Cannot Say Enough

Hey, I'm Chad Smith and I'm the Youth Minister at Star of Hope Mission. Many who know me, know my love to speak and talk, especially when I find something I love to talk about! Well, about 20 years ago I found something that captured my heart and along with that my words - and that was Christ. He has captured me to where I cannot say enough. He has done great and marvelous works to me and through... Read More »
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