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I Got Accepted!

Reva witg Houston Mayor, Annise ParkerHere’s the story about a girl who got accepted in UT Austin. At the first thought, this statement isn’t that spectacular. But if this was the average girl, then this would be the average statement. Nearly two years ago, I had a girl come through the doors of the Women & Family Emergency Shelter that will never leave my memory. Reva came in with her five sisters, brother, and mom. This was not her first or second time to rest her head in our shelter. She had seen and experienced much that the “average” 15 year old hadn’t. This left her disappointed, two years behind in high school, and without a lot of hope.

The hardships that the homeless population have to face are undeniable and even more so with developing youth. Each one is taking their first steps into who God created them to be and many have more complicating setbacks than even adults would dare to tackle. No wonder the cycles of homelessness continues in the generations to follow. But God always gives hope and that hope was extended to Reva as it has been for so many youth that come through our doors.

In our Stars of 2morrow program, Reva attended Bible classes, received help with projects and homework, and began to attend the high school that she would eventually graduate from… on time! After she and her family moved out of the program, Reva faithfully continued to attend Bible classes, receive help with school work, and attend outings. I have personally seen Reva step-up and face disappointments, heartaches, and challenges. She is currently in the National Honor Society, on the Honor Roll at Wheatley High School, graduating in the top 7.5% of her class. Reva is on the Mayor’s Youth Council, and will be graduating from Wheatley High School in the spring of 2011! And last week Reva received her acceptance letter to which she will be attending fall of 2011 and majoring in Political Science and English.

We praise God together and celebrate all that He does in the lives of our youth here in the shelter bringing life to stories just like this one. And, that’s the story about a girl who got accepted into UT Austin.

For more information about Star of 2morrow and Charitable Organizations Houston serving youth, visit Star of Hope.

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