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More Servant's Hearts!

Star of Hope Teens - Stars of 2morrowMyron and I were frantically looking for the teens to take them on an outing. Because of the time strain, we tried to leave earlier than the time on the permission slips. To our surprise, we could only get a handful of teens, because about 9 teens were pre-occupied – with serving in the kitchen! The serving line and dishwashers…full of teens serving the guests with smiles on their faces!

Then today when I came into work, I was greeted by one of our kitchen staff with a couple of bags of candy that she wanted me to give to the teens. I gladly accepted the gift and she proceeded to tell me how much she missed the teens being there this weekend. (we took the teens to a spiritual weekend retreat in Huntsville, TX) She said that it makes such a difference having them in the kitchen and that they have been such willing servants to help out.

Recently,  we finished a two week discussion with the teens about reaching their communities. We know that God is doing great things in the hearts of the youth here, and it is a blessing to see the evidence of the work that He is doing! I’ll be sure to give this gift of candy to the teens as an unexpected reward for their acts of service.

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