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103 Years Ago... New Religious Enterprise on Franklin Avenue

This morning I was reminded about the beginnings of Star of Hope Mission and the importance of what was then a "new enterprise" to our community over the last 103 years. The Houston Post reported this story on July 1, 1907:

The Star of Hope Mission
New Religious Enterprise on Franklin Avenue Will Be Launched Tonight

The Star of Hope Mission will open tonight in its quarters, 714 Franklin Avenue at 8 o’clock and all are invited to attend and take part in the services.

Dr. D. R. Pevoto, in charge of the mission, stated yesterday that no formal program had been arranged or would be arranged. “We want it to be a spontaneous meeting and we hope that the Christian men of the city who want to see some help extended the unfortunate class who are down and out, we hope that these men will come out and help us in our efforts.”

Services will be held in the mission every night this week. On the first floor of the two-story building occupied by the institution a comfortable meeting room has been fitted up, and here the daily religious exercises will be held. It is proposed to make the mission serve the unfortunate of all classes and as soon as the work can be fully organized, lodging rooms will be fitted up in the second story, a lunch room will be added, a reading room will be installed, an employment bureau will be maintained, and every agency contributing to the physical, mental and spiritual elevation of man will be employed.

The gentlemen already interested in the mission undertaking are earnest and active in their support and are determined to make it accomplish the work that they believe […unreadable…] Houston for it to accomplish.

As was reported in The Post last Monday, Mr. Richard Dowling, who was converted during the preaching of Evangelist Ham here last December, has been secured as superintendent of the mission and will arrive shortly.

Over the past 103 years Star of Hope has stayed true to its mission, expanded services, updated facilities, adjusted to changes in our city and innovated programs. All of us who are part of the Star of Hope community (donors, volunteers, alumni, employees and those currently receiving care) are all part of an awesome legacy.

Visit Star of Hope at Supporting Homeless Shelters Houston for a summary of the many programs and ministries offered today and join the Legacy.

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