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Drug Rehab Centers Houston

This morning I celebrated with six men who commenced from Star of Hope's Spiritual Recovery Program.  It's a monthly event and always a special time!

Each man shared their story of addiction, separation from family, recovery and redemption.

  • Alvin was hardcore homeless, a crack user and four years on the streets of Houston... sleeping under bridges or abandoned buildings and eating out of trash cans.
  • Robert is a man who lost his job and apartment. He hadn't eaten in four days when he called Star of Hope. Robert said, "I'm convinced that I was led to Star of Hope, in fact carried to Star of Hope by my Lord Jesus Christ. When I called the kind voice said, 'Drop everything you are doing and get here now." He caught a bus to the Men's Shelter. "When I arrived they put a turkey sandwich in my hand and was given a place to sleep. I spent one night in Rescue then entered into the Spiritual Recovery Program."
  • Will is a CPA who attended church and lived in an affluent neighborhood. His life, marriage and career fell apart while he escaped to a pub. He said, "I didn't care about anything except what was on ESPN and what was in my glass."

Each of the commences still have much work to do. Alvin summed it up with, "I have finished the program, but I know I haven't finished the race." All six men are proof that Life Change is possible. Help and Hope are available today.
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