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Finding a Reason to Live

Soon children and teens from Star of Hope will be heading off to Summer Camp. For many of the kids it will be the first time they’ve…

  • gone to camp
  • been away from their mom
  • seen a deer
  • caught a fish
  • paddled a canoe
  • noticed SO MANY stars in the sky

The experience will be fun, challenging and life-changing.

Star of Hope kids at Summer Camp

I just finished reading Brandy Finds a Reason to Live… At Camp in Star of Hope’s May Newsletter. For this little girl camp was not only life-changing but life-saving.

“Brandy had been struggling with the idea of taking her life.

When her dad died, she had even tried to jump in front of a car, but it swerved just in time to spare her young life. Brandy told the (camp) counselor she had felt completely alone. Her mom abandoned her as a bay, her brother disconnected from the family and her older sister moved away.”

Take a moment to read the rest of Brandy’s story. Also, remember to pray for the 120+ homeless children who are going to Summer Camp this year with Star of Hope. God will do some amazing things in their young lives at camp and all summer long.

Houston, thanks for making this a Summer of Hope!

*Brandy is not pictured and her name has been changed for privacy.

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