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Have You Been Helped by Star of Hope?

Last year we set up a web page for men and women who have been helped by the ministry of Star of Hope to “write home” and let us know how they are doing. Recently, two children who had lived at our Transitional Living Center with their mother caught up with us. This is a part of their story:

“I would like to say a big THANK YOU, for the help that was given to my family. When my mother went into recovery I felt that it was a big joke, because she has so many times let us down. When we saw that she was really serious about getting clean and staying clean, that's when me and my brother decided that we would give her another chance to be our Mother again. So we came over to the Star of Hope with her...”

“…Since she gave it over to God, she has become the Mother I can look up to. Thanks to the Star of Hope and her being willing to do what she had to do. Now we are on that road that never ends, it just keeps getting longer and we will keep riding it as long as it's a road to success.”

You can read the rest of their story and others as well by visiting My Story at Houston Homeless Services.

Have you been helped by Star of Hope? Let us know how you are doing.

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