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Teih is grateful for your support!

Families come to Star of Hope for a variety of reasons and with a diversity of needs. This is the story of one family that came to Star of Hope for assistance and made full use of the services you help provide. Teih and her mother, Michelle, are flourishing today thanks to you!

When she was eight years old, Teih and her mom came from Baton Rouge to Houston with nothing but a bus ticket. They did not even know where they were going to stay until a Star of Hope van pulled up to the bus station.

They arrived at the very end of the school year, so Teih was at Star of Hope for all of the summer time activities including her very first summer camp. Within two months her mom got a job at UPS and they were gone from Star of Hope in three months. The short stay had a huge impact on both of them. Teih still remembers the names of our staff and other families she met while at Star of Hope. In fact, her mother is still friends with one woman they met at the shelter and they talk with each other just about every day.

Teih graduated from high school as a track and field champion; and earned an athletic scholarship. In 2011 she was the first woman in her family to graduate from college. Today, Teih is pursuing a master’s degree in nursing administration.

We hope Teih’s story will be an encouragement to you. It’s amazing to think that some of the children who have arrived at Star of Hope in the last couple of weeks and days will one day graduate from high school and college with honors ... just like Teih!

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