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The Sound of Music

A few days before Christmas I was walking through the lobby at Star of Hope and saw three boxes. They looked like they contained musical instruments…I got really excited when I realized someone had donated three guitars! 

Rachel Haverkorn, a Volunteer Liaison at Star of Hope, told me this story:

The teen department let us know that the some of the kids had expressed interest in learning to play the guitar. Shortly thereafter Alex Thomas came to us wishing to volunteer. His email address referred to his love for guitar, so we asked if he might be interested in teaching the teens. He was thrilled. The only problem was we did not have guitars for the teens to use. He offered to bring some, but we would still need guitars available for the teens to practice on between lessons.

Star of Hope teen learning to play guitar

I told the teen department I could mention the need to in-kind donors and see what happened. I made myself a note to request guitars the next time a donor called asking about our needs. Then Alex Lozano stopped by and said he had 3 brand new guitars and had been trying to decide where to donate them. I told him he was answering our exact need before we had even asked.

Thanks Alex Thomas and Alex Lozano/United Music Alliance for making this happen!

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