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As I search for words to describe today’s experience with the ladies at Star of Hope’s Transitional Living Center… I cannot help but be humbled and count it a privilege that the ladies would allow me to be a part of their transition from unemployed and homeless to gainfully employed and self-sufficient.

Career Coffee Chat began today with six ladies in attendance. One lady announced a recent offer of employment by a local area hospital after being unemployed for two years. Another young lady announced the potential of an offer resulting from a successful interview from an area hotel. There were many stories shared from each lady in attendance about their homelessness, their struggle through homelessness, and their hope and faith to come out of homelessness. I was most impressed with each woman’s strength because if you met them anywhere else, unless they shared, you would not know they are homeless.

Star of Hope Mission - Career Coffee Chat

Career Coffee Chat is an informal job club at Star of Hope that consists of individuals helping each other through transition by networking, exchanging and sharing employment opportunities while developing professionally through various job seeker related discussions.

If you are an employer interested in becoming a part of this new group by offering your time to share with this group valuable information to help them in their quest for employment, please send me an email:

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