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Helping Star of Hope Residents Market Themselves

Working at Star of Hope with individuals to secure employment, I often hear, “I have been out of work and I cannot find a job no matter how hard I try.” And often, residents try hard looking for work unsuccessfully because they are looking for work the way they are used to. i.e., Internet.

Qualifications Versus Job Duties:

Looking for a job from the employer perspective, involves more than just speaking about what you like or do well. It means you explain how your skills and experience meet the employer’s need. Simply stating your job responsibilities is not good enough. "The key is to take a simple job duty and expand it to match the [job posting] with quantitative evidence of accomplishments…." More helpful advice>>>

At the Star of Hope Mission miracles are happening every day and we get to see the metamorphosis in the lives our residents first hand. It brings me pure joy to help someone discover what they enjoy doing vocationally in addition to helping them market their best selves to employers in order to achieve gainful employment.

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Comments for Helping Star of Hope Residents Market Themselves

Name: Erika
Time: Thursday, March 7, 2013

It is a pleasure to work with people like Lynn; who have a passion to help through encouraging and educating! Thanks, Lynn, for all you do!

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