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Though I Was Blind, Now I See

I didn’t actually know Star of Hope had an eye clinic.

Not having put much thought into this, I also didn’t know there were people donating glasses, volunteers performing eye exams, and clients who couldn’t see.

So that brings me to the day I had the opportunity to visit the eye clinic at our Men’s Development Center for the first time. I walked in and immediately experienced the familiarities that go along with visiting the eye doctor. Eye charts, white doctor coats, and “How do these frames fit?” to name a few.

However, it wasn’t quite the same. Dr. Louise Moorhead and Jim Feaster are volunteering their time to serve those in need at Star of Hope. It truly is a beautiful thing to see people using the talents our Lord so generously bestowed upon them to help fellow brothers and sisters in need.


Jim Feaster, Points of Light Award Recipient 2013 Volunteer Service

I was able to sit in on a few patients' eye exams. I didn't realize it at first, but this would end up being the highlight of my day.

Star of Hope Volunteer, Mr. Feaster, joyfully greeted each client as they came in for their exam. He asked the men how they were doing and treated each of them with respect and gentleness. He would offer the men a few frames to try on for size and then have them take a look at the eye chart. You know the deal, “Go ahead and read line 9.”

As a contacts and glasses wearer myself, I always get a little nervous when asked to read any line after three. But the men so eagerly rattled off the random arrangement of letters, even some to the very smallest row! I was shocked, and their voices rang with the same delight. It quickly occurred to me that for many of these men, it had been years since the last time they could see clearly, if ever at all. They were overjoyed at their ability to see and it was clear by their gratitude and the smiles on their faces.

The eye exam of one man in particular really stood out, encouraging me to share this story. After he tried on the frames for size and correctly read the eye chart, he stood to his feet. Mr. Feaster offered him a mirror and said, “Take a look and see if you like the frames. I have other options if you don’t like the way they look.” The client quietly responded by saying, “No thank you sir. It truly doesn’t matter, I’m just thankful I can see.”

I was quickly humbled by his response and haven’t forgotten the sincerity in his voice. How often do I care so much about my outward appearance that I hardly remember the blessing of sight? Let us strive to have the eyes of Christ, seeing others as He sees them. I pray we don’t become overwhelmed by earthly trials and allow them to blind us from seeing His many blessings. And let us clearly remember that His love is unconditional, steadfast and perfect.

The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.
1 Samuel 16:7

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