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Be A Star!

Star of Hope volunteers bring a joyful light to our guests. We need more like them. There is a lonely man, a frightened woman or a sad child who needs a friend to listen and care. We would like to tell you about the many opportunities to serve. One of these spots may be just right for YOU! Perhaps it is serving meals or tutoring children or adults. Or, you might enjoy serving in our Family Store.... Read More »
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Sportsmen Against Hunger

Safari Club International is a leader in the fight against hunger and the promotion of wildlife conservation. Several years ago, SCI Houston adopted Star of Hope as its charity-of-choice and found Star of Hope to be a great fit for these programs. Through the Sportsmen Against Hunger program, hunters share their wild game harvest with those less fortunate. Since beginning our partnership with Star... Read More »
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Girl Scout Brownie Troop #9668

Brownie Troop 9668 split into two groups to provide enough snacks to feed about 450 residents at two Star of Hope facilities. They brought with them several car loads of gently used clothing, linens, books, toys and stuffed animals as well as some toiletries for the residents. While many of these girls are accustomed to gathering items to donate or participating in fun activities that benefit... Read More »
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Charlotte’s Lemonade feeds a Homeless Houstonian for Two Weeks!

Last week on “National Lemonade Day”, 8 year old Charlotte diligently prepared her lemonade stand for the day, as did so many other children around the country. But Charlotte’s motive was not just about learning to run her business and make a profit, it was much bigger than that. You see, Charlotte was determined to help the homeless in our city with her profits. And she donated not just some, but... Read More »
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Last Night 52 Homeless People Slept on the Floor of Star of Hope's Emergency Shelter

I wanted to tell you about Charity Navigator, a national nonprofit rating service.  They take nonprofit tax returns (Form 990) and calculate 9 factors which give an overall rating as to the effectiveness of the nonprofit.  They have incorporated written  reviews which have been posted by those who feel that the nonprofit is especially effective.  Star of Hope now has a “three star” rating (out of... Read More »
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Star of Hope Featured in Local "Secret Millionaire" Taping

Popular radio personality Dana Tyson (Sunny 99.1) was asked by the ABC network to produce a "local" version of the new national reality TV hit Secret Millionaire. The national version features a millionaire who goes undercover doing homeless volunteer work in a charitable institution. At the end of the show - the "volunteer", moved by the charity and love that he is surrounded with - reveals... Read More »
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Technology and Innovation

I would like to cover some technology topics in this blog as it relates to charities and missions. Before an organization of any size can leverage technology successfully I believe first and foremost in today’s economy an organization has to promote a culture of innovation and change.  The traditional model of growth, especially in the not-for-profit world, addresses growing complexities of... Read More »
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Angels Call at Christmas!

Christmastime is such a fun and amazing time here at Star of Hope. Granted it’s the busiest time of the year for our staff, but what makes it so special is the way God works through this Sacred and Holy Season to touch lives all around us!An “Angel” called me earlier this week, to tell me he wanted to bring a gift to Star of Hope for Christmas. He had bought a cashier’s check, because he doesn’t... Read More »
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2010 Is Almost Gone

The last month of the year is so important to all non-profits, and Star of Hope Mission is no exception. We budget approx 26 % of revenue to be received during the last month of each year. I wanted you to know how we are doing. As of last Friday, we have received 33% of our goal for the month.We believe that December’s goal is attainable, because we believe helping Houston’s homeless... Read More »
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Hope for the Holidays!!

We ended the day in prayer...20 men, women and children having given "hope" to need families and individuals for the Thanksgiving holiday. What a blessing it is to be a blessing to others.A group of 18 volunteers from City Life Church, Houston, TX, came to help the New Horizons and Follow-up Staff make 24 Thanksgiving Meal baskets to distribute to families and individuals in the programs.  City... Read More »
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Key Energy Services Fiesta Time

Summer has officially arrived for the families at Star of Hope’s Women & Family Emergency Shelter and the Transitional Living Center! Thanks to our amazing friends at Key Energy Services, Star of Hope families kicked off a “Summer of Hope” with a fun-packed fajita fiesta!  This was the 4th year Key Energy has hosted the end-of-school celebration and no detail was overlooked!This morning, both... Read More »
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