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His Plan

Children at Star of HopeGod works in fantastic, wonderful, enigmatic ways. That is really the only way I can fathom how and why I ended up working in the preschool class at the Transitional Living Center of Star of Hope. At the beginning of May I was supposed to be working at Camp Ozark, a Christian sports camp in the hills of Arkansas, for the summer; but when I decided to play soccer for my school, that plan flew out of the window and in came the opportunity to work at Star of Hope.

I have always had a heart for the homeless, making many homeless friends in the town my school is located seemed completely normal to me. When one of the options for jobs for the summer became Star of Hope, it was the perfect fit.

So here I am, working Monday through Thursday in the preschool class with Ms. Radonna at TLC. Talking to the preschoolers about what they like about class and such is much more difficult than you would think. While you are hoping to get answers about school, they are busy asking what is for lunch and when we will go play outside.

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Name: Frank Tsuru
Time: Thursday, July 7, 2011

Working with kids and the less fortunate has always been a passion for you....never loose that. Enjoy your time at SOH and know that God's hand has directed you to touch the lives of the 15 kids in that class room.

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