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ACTS Bowling for Souls: August 7, 2010

Star of Hope's Men's Development Center Alumni (ACTS) are “Bowling for Souls” again on August 7th at Emerald Bowl at 9307 Boone Road Houston, TX 77099. This is the second year that ACTS is hosting a bowling tournament. Last year the event raised roughly $8,000, which included a 100% matching donation, which was used to meet the needs of individuals who are less fortunate in the city of... Read More »
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Celebrating the Service of MDC Alumni

On Friday, June 18, 2010, Star of Hope Men’s Development Center hosted the Fifth Annual Alumni Fellowship Celebration (AFC). We celebrated the victory of “new lives” in Christ. We celebrated the victory that God has given the alumni over drugs, alcohol, and habitual sin. We celebrated the victory that God has given them as servants of the Gospel of Christ. Men who have satisfied Client Services and... Read More »
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The Storms of Life--Prayers Answered

Star of Hope is among many Non Profit Organizations Houston!  And, during Hurricane Season, it has been one of the few Shelters Houston Texas which remain occupied during the some of the storms.  The closest storm in my recollection--as for many of us--is Hurricane Ike, Fall of 2008.  However, the stories I want to share today--the FIRST day of Hurricane Season--are from Hurricane Rita...Still... Read More »
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Never despise meager beginnings...

When I got to Houston I searched for "Non Profit Organizations Houston". I wanted to work in an industry which would allow me to utilize both my sociology and religion degree to further the organization's mission statement.  I was certain among the Christian Ministries Houston, I would find a suitable job. I was not certain I had any business being where I was. But, God had greater plans.Flash... Read More »
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The Smell

My first experience with the Star of Hope Men's Shelter (or with any shelter, for that matter) occurred when I was 17 years old. Without knowing what a rescue mission was, one Sunday evening I joined several older men from my church who regularly made their way to an old brick building in the bowels of downtown Houston. Having recently been brought to faith in Jesus I was hungry for the witness... Read More »
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My Beginning

About four years ago, I was led to the Star of Hope Mission to work with youth (ages 13-17) through a three month internship between my junior and senior year of college. After graduation, I began to work full-time in the position I have now- Youth Minister. And through these years I look at these youth and the same thought comes to mind, "I cannot say enough!" It would be impossible for me to say... Read More »
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Nonprofit Careers in Houston

I spent some time last week editing a video that we are producing for Star of Hope's HR department. As I listened to my colleagues talk about what brought them to Star of Hope and how God is using their skills and talents, I found myself feeling... grateful... and thankful. Watching, I remembered back to my first days around the Mission.Catherine Taylor, VP of Human Resources, was the first person... Read More »
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How's This For A Great Spring Break?

My  family and I had a great Spring Break this past week, so glad to have time together and no homework!  Have you ever wondered what Spring Break might be like for a homeless teenager living in a shelter?  Well, here’s what Star of Hope’s teenagers did last week.  Below is a short summary by Chad Smith, one of Star of Hope’s Teen Ministers, of the fun and educational week they had together with... Read More »
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Jobs For Hope - Putting Star Of Hope Graduates To Work

All of us know how difficult the job market is in the United States at this time.  And for someone who is recovering from homelessness and is preparing to re-enter the job market, the prospect of finding gainful employment is daunting to say the least.  But I am excited about new initiatives, led by our Board of Trustees, to build the network of employers who will put our Star of Hope graduates to... Read More »
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