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A New Haven for Homeless Women

We are excited to announce Star of Hope’s New Haven program for single women diagnosed with mental illnesses. Partnering with New Hope Housing, mental health professionals and with a housing and services grant from HUD, we began a long term living program this past May to serve in this critical area of need. Nine women are already living in the first location for New Haven. Another eleven women... Read More »
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God Gave US So Much More in Return

One of the joys of my profession as a youth minister is stretching my youth beyond their comfort zone. When they are challenged to go beyond their typical way of life, they are challenged physically - inspired emotionally - and encouraged spiritually. Recently we brought several ministry components of our youth department and held an afternoon service at Star of Hope on Ardmore in Houston, TX.... Read More »
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Star of Hope's New Haven

New Haven was created to provide a loving, safe, therapeutic community within an independent housing complex. Star of Hope set out to help chronically homeless women who have been diagnosed with mental illness find a “lasting home” and to have a stable place to heal and become whole. We moved in our first five clients in May 2012. With diagnoses ranging from anxiety disorder to schizophrenia,... Read More »
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How Can I Help the Homeless?

There are lots of ways you can help… One of the questions I hear over and over from folks in our community is this: "How can I help the homeless?” When we see someone on a street corner begging for money, or hear about someone struggling to pay their bills and about to lose their housing, we feel compelled to help. Yet we almost immediately feel helpless as to what’s the best thing to do. When I... Read More »
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Thank You for 87,641 Easter Meals!

Through your generous giving to underwrite meals for the homeless, Star of Hope was able to serve 87,641 kitchen prepared meals to help people in our community struggling with homelessness during February and March! Now in April, National Volunteer Month, we encourage you find a place of service at one of our four Star of Hope locations around Houston. There’s plenty to do for all ages. If you’re... Read More »
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Volunteers Making a Difference

Star of Hope Mission has played a leading role in serving Houston’s homeless population for more than a century. Have you ever wondered how we got started? Rev. Dennis Robert Pevoto came to Houston in 1900 and spent six years assisting in the growth of Baptist churches. During this time, Evangelist Mordecai Ham (who led Billie Graham to Christ) and the former homeless alcoholic Richard... Read More »
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Sight To See For The Homeless

This morning I found myself in line at the coffee shop behind a man with heavy, dark eyeglasses, accompanied by a seeing-eye dog. I watched with amazement as he managed his way through hot coffee, sweeteners, napkins, stir sticks and cream containers... all while his faithful dog sat close by. We greeted each other and laughed about his dog’s love for coffee too! As I stood there, I... Read More »
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Faith, Hope and Everlasting Love

Last week I was able to attend our monthly graduation program here at Star of Hope’s Transitional Living Center, here in Houston. This program is for women and families who have encountered hard times and found themselves homeless. Unfortunately, we have more single moms than dads. It is just hard, when life turns its back on you and nothing seems to go right for you or even worse, for you and... Read More »
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Chasing the American Dream

I was living the American dream. I had a good job, a family, a home with a white picket fence and a dog. By the standards that I grew up around, I was supposed to be happy and complete. But that was not the case. I went from living the American dream to chasing it, making more money, getting larger homes, moving up the corporate ladder, needing more external things to make me feel whole. By... Read More »
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So Many Ways to Volunteer

I wanted to tell you about one of our volunteers, Peggy*. On three separate occasions she has baked over 400 cup cakes and brought them to Star of Hope. We served over 600,000 meals last year; one of the things that many times gets over looked is the “dessert.” Our clients have so many homeless service needs, we are always looking for ways to help make them feel at home. These cupcakes have been... Read More »
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Happy Valentine’s Day

I am so happy that I love and am loved my by family. I certainly hope and pray the same for you and yours. However, I received a call yesterday from a friend of a friend, who had exhausted his financial resources and was having to move out of his hotel… and had no place to go. I called a staff member here at Star of Hope, a Houston homeless shelter; we were able to get him into the shelter. He... Read More »
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Life Change

We had the Star of Hope Annual Banquet last week and it was amazing to see just some of Star of Hope’s donors attend. It was held at the Hilton Americas. As we learned more about Houston’s homeless needs, we found that: • There are 13,500 homeless right here in Houston. • Star of Hope, a local homeless shelter prepared and fed over 620,000 meals during the 2011. • The number of homeless families... Read More »
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Radio Stations Celebrate "Day of Hope" on Houston Air Waves

This week Star of Hope has three good reasons to “Thank God It’s Friday.” Starting early Friday morning 93Q (92.9), The Eagle (107.5) and Country Legends (97.1) will each broadcast two commercials an hour featuring testimonies of men, women and children that were homeless and have had their lives changed by the recovery programs at Star of Hope.   This “Day of Hope” was inspired by a recent... Read More »
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Planning for the Future

As Star of Hope is into its SECOND CENTURY of serving Houston’s homeless men, women and children, we are working hard on partnerships and new life-changing programs which will move Houston "down the field and toward the goal line" of significantly reducing homelessness in our city! Our Board, leadership and many of you in our community have developed and approved a 5 year plan, called “VISION... Read More »
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Fresh Starts, New Beginnings and a Summer of Hope

Star of Hope’s July Interactive News is available online. We are still getting kids ready for Summer Camp, but soon the focus will be getting them ready for school. I hope the stories and pictures will inspire you to make this summer a Summer of Hope.Read stories, watch video and share it with your friends! var mag = new TinyCatalog(373929, "Star of Hope Mission - 2011 July... Read More »
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Learning to Serve with Gratitude

Not only do Star of Hope Alumni (ACTS - Alumni in Community, Transformation & Service) return to the campus to serve and give back, they build relationships and enhance the spiritual life of programmers in a number of ways off campus as well.  Alumni conduct weekend spiritual retreat camps. They organize many types of fellowships such as bowling fund raisers, acts of service outings, and sporting... Read More »
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Bring It On, Houston-- It's a SUMMER OF HOPE!

In my last update, we discussed Houston’s problem of significantly rising homelessness in our city. According to the 2011 count of homeless men, women & children in Houston, this population has risen by 25% in just ONE year. In all, 13,000 people in our city are now without a place to live. And on top of that, we are experiencing the highest early-summer record heat recorded! So what is Star of... Read More »
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Today Is A Day Of Hope

You may have seen the story "Homeless Population Keeps Increasing" in the Houston Chronicle this week, the results of the 2011 Homeless Count for our city. It's no surprise to me that the number of homeless people in Houston has risen by 25% in just one year.If you've been following my blog the past two years, you know that Star of Hopehas served record crowds since 2009, with the greatest... Read More »
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Our Clients are Well Worth a Nice Meal

People are hungry in Houston. The hunger exceeds the physicality of pain and weakness and goes further into the longing and hunger for love, attention, support, comfort and acceptance. Those emotional hungers are fed at Star of Hope only after a nutritious mealphysically sustains the children, men and women who haven’t eaten a full meal for days.Since one of the first gifts from Star of Hope for a... Read More »
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God Fits Us All Together to Serve Those in Need

Isn’t it amazing how God who created the universe give each one of us our own unique gifts, talents and abilities?!? And then, He fits all of those gifts, talents and abilities together so that the needs of those less fortunate are met and He is glorified. I see His marvelous work each and every day at Star of Hope Mission through our volunteers. Although I’ve never met her face-to-face, Sue... Read More »
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