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Great Testimony - What God Does at Star of Hope

Hey, do you want to read a really great, meaningful testimony from a Star of Hope Mission former Client?  This testimony was given at the 2011 Annual Star of Hope Banquet (in February), before 1,700 persons.  When a person comes from domestic violence or homelessness, to be able to reclaim their life, we celebrate the miracle.  If you ever wanted to know what we attempt to do here at Star of Hope,... Read More »
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A Portrait for Mom!

Mother’s Day is coming up next week…Sunday, May 8th! In preparation for that, one of my favorite events for our children here at Star of Hope is being held next week at our Transitional Living Center, for all of our client’s children. It’s a fun afternoon hosted by Trees of Hope, our affiliate which has been serving Star of Hope for over 20 years now.After school, all the kids will gather in... Read More »
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In Honor of Zan

I have consistently had some place safe to sleep. I have consistently been fed.  I have consistently been loved. I have consistently made mistakes and have been forgiven and accepted. I have consistently been made to feel valued….and I have consistently forgotten that some people don’t have any form of healthy consistency in their own lives.   Star of Hope can’t save the world, but it can give... Read More »
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A Cozy Movie Premiere

Sometimes, I get a chance to get out of my normal day to day IT world and get to help out on video.  A few months back one of our wonderful donors/volunteers, Cookie Joe, and her business partner, Tran Pham Rich , (owners of Cookie Joe's School of Dancin'  located in Sugar Land, Texas) donated the money to rebuild and equip our intake center at the Women & Family Emergency Shelter. The name of the... Read More »
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Volunteer Gregg Lattier, a Houston Texan Community Quarterback

“Volunteering at Star of Hope is a demonstration of my faith in the LORD,” is how Gregg Lattier explains his ongoing commitment to serve Houston’s homeless men, women and children through his partnership with our mission. Gregg attended one of the first orientation classes I held for perspective new volunteers almost 13 years ago - and he enthusiastically continues to touch hundreds of lives by... Read More »
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Call Center Volunteers Helping Houston's Homeless

Recently, I had a chance to visit with one of our volunteers. He and a team from his employer have been involved in our new volunteer Call Center which started in November.For several years our executive staff at Star of Hope, one of Houston’s Emergency Shelters, has been concerned about how we can shorten access time for homeless men, women and their families in need. So we started a phone bank!... Read More »
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Helping Homeless Families in Houston

I am in early this morning to attend to the last details for our year-end. As I enter my office I see the wonderful picture of Ava, the three year old of a homeless family, on my office wall. Her sweet image gives me purpose and reason for my presence here this morning.You and all those wonderful folks who partner with us at Star of Hope, help provide hope and emergency comfort, resources... Read More »
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The Greatest Miracle of Christmas?

Well, Christmas is just around the corner, just a few days away. Our blogging team has been posting amazing stories for the past 25 days, of changed lives and personal miracles, here at the Star of Hope. Take a look at our other "25 Days of Christmas Miracles" Updates. It gives me chill bumps to think about all that God does through you, who help and serve here at Christmas, as He uses this sacred... Read More »
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The Miracles of Forgiveness and Freedom

Star of Hope’s Men’s Development Center is a busy place right now.  With the chilling temperatures at night, more men are filling the facility into overflow.  And we are glad to serve them, with a warm meal, a warm dry place to sleep, a shower, fresh clothes and words of God’s love for them.  But there is another chilling element at work in many of these men besides the cold air outside.  For a... Read More »
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Helping Houston’s Homeless Find The Brightest Light

During my eight years working for Star of Hope Mission, I have watched over and over as homeless clients move from virtually “no hope” with total dependence, to beginning their independent walk in a new life.  Star of Hope is not just a Soup Kitchen in Houston!  We offer Christian Ministries with such services as drug rehabilitation, emergency homeless services, parenting classes, career building... Read More »
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25 Ways to Help the Homeless

There are so many ways you can help the homeless in our community! Here’s a list of some things you may consider doing between now and Christmas.     Organize a drive for Christmas Gifts. Items are needed by December 10.     Donate online to provide Christmas Gifts. Visit Star of Hope’s Christmas Gift Catalog.     Create We Care Houston Packages and give them to homeless men and women you see on... Read More »
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25 Days of Christmas Miracles!

My family and I are big fans of Hallmark TV Christmas movies, and we were watching a new one this past weekend called “Mrs. Miracle." Since joining Star of Hope, I have been amazed at the miracles that constantly happen here. This movie inspired me to write to you over the next few weeks, and tell you about Christmas miracles happening at Star of Hope as they happen, during this amazing season of... Read More »
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Star of Hope - "Home to the Brave"

Homeless Vets celebrated everyday at Star of Hope Men’s Development Center Today is Veteran’s Day, and as I’m writing this blog, I’m reminded of the long heritage Star of Hope Mission has had in serving our Veterans who become homeless.  Way back in 1945-1946, Star of Hope was serving hundreds of Veterans each month, coming through Houston with no place to stay. Ever since then, Star of Hope has... Read More »
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The National Business Travel Association partners with Star of Hope - Part 1

It’s been a year since I received the first e-mail from Jeannie Eisenhart.  Jeannie works for Crowley Maritime in Florida and is on the Board of the National Business Travel Association.  NBTA members include airlines, hotels and resorts, travel agents and corporate travel departments, food service companies and temporary corporate apartment homes – just to name a few. Their 2010 international... Read More »
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Is Summer 2010 Ever Going to End?

I’ve been sharing with you and with our community since June about the unusual trends we’re seeing this summer, as hundreds more families have been coming to Star of Hope’s Women & Family Emergency Shelter and others throughout the city, in crisis and in need of help. So far this year, we at Star of Hope have served 50,000 more meals than we did during the same months last year, and that was a... Read More »
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Hope Floats Up on the Kemah Boardwalk

While the warm breeze blows in from the Gulf of Mexico on another HOT day in Texas...these men are grateful.  They are continuing their journey of HOPE... together!!Most of these six men entered Star of Hope's Men's Development Center (Drug Rehab Centers Houston) and did so "just in time." Some were on their way to an early grave; some had already been in prison and were on the verge of going... Read More »
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Virtual Volunteers

Around Star of Hope we have a lot of on-site volunteer opportunities. Check out Community Volunteer Opportunities Houston and you'll see what I'm talking about. If your searching for volunteer opportunities we also have a few off-site, "virtual" volunteer opportunities you may be interested in.When I first began thinking about how I could help the homeless my first thoughts centered around serving... Read More »
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Hope in the Wilderness - Sandra's Story

We all have our “wilderness” wanderings—much like the Israelites in the Old Testament. We have times in our lives when we have departed one place (Egypt) and are on to a new place (the Promised Land).  Many who enter the Drug Rehab Centers Houston or Battered Womens Shelter Houston are doing just that--moving from one place in their lives to another.  We hope and pray that there will not be a LONG ... Read More »
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Blessings Abound

I am taking this moment to pause, reflect and be thankful. We have been blessed this year with not only an overwhelming quantity (52) computers,  but high quality of computers.   Earlier this year Friendswood Community Church donated $15k to our Men's Computer Learning Center which gave us the opportunity to create a modern business environment for guys that are in the programto learn business... Read More »
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Send a Note of Encouragement

What would you say if you had the opportunity to share a few words of encouragement with a child receiving care at Star of Hope? This is an opportunity for you to do just that.Next month children from Women & Family Emergency Shelter, Transitional Living Center and New Horizons will head back to school.  Thanks to the generous support of friends and donors, every one of these children will step... Read More »
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