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No Place Like Home

I just spent the last week moving into a new home for my family. During these past few weeks as we have been finalizing and moving into our new home, my thoughts have especially been on what "home" means for our Star of Hope men, women and children.Our clients have each lost it all… gone is their apartment or their home. They’ve worn out their welcome with friends where they can stay a... Read More »
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Christmas in August - Back to School Parties

Remember how exciting it was to shop for the opening of school; to finally get those cool sneakers you wanted and a book-bag -- that would hold all your stuff? That’s exactly what it was like for the children at Star of Hope late last week.Our fabulous volunteersswarmed our family shelters and blessed our school-aged children with back-to-school parties, complete with hugs, high-fives,... Read More »
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Hot Summer Days Are Here!

Hopefully, your home air conditioner is holding out ok in all this heat. But what if you didn’t even have a home? Can you imagine what it is like to be homeless, hot, on the streets or living out of a car, and unable to find relief?June 21 was the first day of summer this year, and already Houston is experiencing record heat on a daily basis. With no rain in the past 30 days, and more heat... Read More »
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