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Bring It On, Houston-- It's a SUMMER OF HOPE!

In my last update, we discussed Houston’s problem of significantly rising homelessness in our city. According to the 2011 count of homeless men, women & children in Houston, this population has risen by 25% in just ONE year. In all, 13,000 people in our city are now without a place to live. And on top of that, we are experiencing the highest early-summer record heat recorded! So what is Star of... Read More »
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Charlotte’s Lemonade feeds a Homeless Houstonian for Two Weeks!

Last week on “National Lemonade Day”, 8 year old Charlotte diligently prepared her lemonade stand for the day, as did so many other children around the country. But Charlotte’s motive was not just about learning to run her business and make a profit, it was much bigger than that. You see, Charlotte was determined to help the homeless in our city with her profits. And she donated not just some, but... Read More »
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Rapping up Haute for Hope

The spot lights are out, the stage is down, and the audience has gone the way of all audiences, when the show is over.  It will be a year before the Star of Hope Haute for Hope luncheon and fashion show comes around again.  But, hey, it’s only time, and time flies when you’re having fun, right?  Well, guess what?  We’ve had a ball over the past 13 years since the show first opened, and we have the... Read More »
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Great Testimony - What God Does at Star of Hope

Hey, do you want to read a really great, meaningful testimony from a Star of Hope Mission former Client?  This testimony was given at the 2011 Annual Star of Hope Banquet (in February), before 1,700 persons.  When a person comes from domestic violence or homelessness, to be able to reclaim their life, we celebrate the miracle.  If you ever wanted to know what we attempt to do here at Star of Hope,... Read More »
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A Portrait for Mom!

Mother’s Day is coming up next week…Sunday, May 8th! In preparation for that, one of my favorite events for our children here at Star of Hope is being held next week at our Transitional Living Center, for all of our client’s children. It’s a fun afternoon hosted by Trees of Hope, our affiliate which has been serving Star of Hope for over 20 years now.After school, all the kids will gather in... Read More »
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Young Adults Serving with Star of Hope

I am very confident in saying that 90% of the world’s most passionate and hopeful people are 25 years and younger. Look at college campuses during a presidential election year or the energy of a high school pep-rally. Revolutions are started by young people who have heard their parents talk about tyranny for a life time and have the hope and courage to start change. Here, at Star of Hope young... Read More »
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One Month Isn't Enough Time to Thank Volunteers

At Star of Hope, we celebrate volunteers every day. April has been National Volunteer Month. Thirty days that have passed so quickly - yet each of those days were filled with Houstonians giving their time and talents to reach out to our city's homeless men, women and children. Last year, 8.774 men, women and families served 31,892 hours. 128 individuals donated 13,601 hours of specialized skills -... Read More »
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April, The Month We Recognize Volunteers

As we close out the month of April, the National Month of Volunteerism, we at Star of Hope Mission want to recognize the immense contribution that volunteers make at Star of Hope.  Here we use volunteers for almost everything: to paint walls and fences, tutor classes, change-out light fixtures, plant plants, and serve meals and a number of other things.  Sometimes they just conduct a drivefor... Read More »
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Feeding Houston’s Homeless—Texas Style

When it comes to serving and volunteering in creative ways, I don’t think anyone is more creative than the Boy Scouts. Last year Troop 46 donated over 500 lbs. of smoked brisket to Star of Hope Mission. They need your help to do it again this year.The troop is raising money to send scouts to camp this summer, but they are also giving back to the community. One of the scout parents, Sandeep Seth... Read More »
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In Honor of Zan

I have consistently had some place safe to sleep. I have consistently been fed.  I have consistently been loved. I have consistently made mistakes and have been forgiven and accepted. I have consistently been made to feel valued….and I have consistently forgotten that some people don’t have any form of healthy consistency in their own lives.   Star of Hope can’t save the world, but it can give... Read More »
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It’s Time to Sing the Resurrection Song

Easter is just a week away, and everyone at Star of Hope is already rejoicing! We see the transformational power of Easter at work in lives every single day, as God brings forgiveness, healing and restoration to thousands in our community each year through the ministries of Star of Hope. This past Sunday, 2,000 members of Second Baptist Church danced at Discovery Green in downtown Houston,... Read More »
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Current Planned Giving News

Many Star of Hope donors have found our weekly gift planning eNewsletter a timely information source to assist them in creating the gift planning strategy that is right for them. Readers have access to news from Washington, Wall Street and insightful finance articles, along with up-to-date reference material.If you would be interested in a trial subscription, click here to receive it at no cost or... Read More »
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Summer of Hope Plans Will Soon Spring to Life

Last year, actually last summer, we became aware of a staggering statistic. The number of Homeless Families in Houston has almost DOUBLED in the last year. We were dealing with Families in Crisis. During the summer of 2010, Star of Hope saw more homeless at our doorsteps than ever before. Ever ....since 1907! In order to take care of God's broken children and catch those who have fallen through... Read More »
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Star of Hope Featured in Local "Secret Millionaire" Taping

Popular radio personality Dana Tyson (Sunny 99.1) was asked by the ABC network to produce a "local" version of the new national reality TV hit Secret Millionaire. The national version features a millionaire who goes undercover doing homeless volunteer work in a charitable institution. At the end of the show - the "volunteer", moved by the charity and love that he is surrounded with - reveals... Read More »
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A Cozy Movie Premiere

Sometimes, I get a chance to get out of my normal day to day IT world and get to help out on video.  A few months back one of our wonderful donors/volunteers, Cookie Joe, and her business partner, Tran Pham Rich , (owners of Cookie Joe's School of Dancin'  located in Sugar Land, Texas) donated the money to rebuild and equip our intake center at the Women & Family Emergency Shelter. The name of the... Read More »
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The 2011 NCAA Final Four Tournament Is Coming to Star of Hope!

Excitement is building as we head toward March Madness and Houston prepares to host the NCAA Final Four Tournament!  Not only will there be lots of memorable, action-filled college basketball, but also special outreaches to those in our community who are less fortunate…..and the kick-off is at Star of Hope!Feed the Hungry will distribute food to 1,750 Houston-area families during tournament week... Read More »
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25 Degrees in Houston

It doesn’t come often, but we’re all finding ourselves in 25 degree weather and on our own “Cold Weather Alert” this week! Heavy coats, covered plants, rolling power outages…and rain and snow on the way before the weekend. Just a short walk from our car to the door for us...but can you imagine what it’s like for those who are on the streets?Star of Hope is here for the homeless of Houston, and... Read More »
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Is Anthony Worth It? You Bet He Is!

During the unusually cold weather we had in Houston last week, Channel 39 did a news story on a homeless man named Anthony and his decision to come in from the cold on Star of Hope’s “Love in Action” Van. Anthony is why the Star of Hope is give men, women and children who become homeless - for whatever reason - warmth, safety, a good meal, and most of all a place to begin once again the... Read More »
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Volunteer Gregg Lattier, a Houston Texan Community Quarterback

“Volunteering at Star of Hope is a demonstration of my faith in the LORD,” is how Gregg Lattier explains his ongoing commitment to serve Houston’s homeless men, women and children through his partnership with our mission. Gregg attended one of the first orientation classes I held for perspective new volunteers almost 13 years ago - and he enthusiastically continues to touch hundreds of lives by... Read More »
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Call Center Volunteers Helping Houston's Homeless

Recently, I had a chance to visit with one of our volunteers. He and a team from his employer have been involved in our new volunteer Call Center which started in November.For several years our executive staff at Star of Hope, one of Houston’s Emergency Shelters, has been concerned about how we can shorten access time for homeless men, women and their families in need. So we started a phone bank!... Read More »
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