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Sobering Up

Many Baby Boomers watched The Andy Griffith Show and were entertained by Otis, the town drunk.  He lived from one cheap bottle of wine to the next before staggering into the Mayberry jail to sleep it off.   At twenty, I took a sabbatical from my studies at the University of Texas and worked for the City of Houston Municipal Courts.  Every morning I went down to the jail to reconcile the bond... Read More »
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Something Better Out of Life

Ask John what brought him to Star of Hope, and he'll tell you, "A lot of brokenness. It was Easter Sunday. I had messed up, relapsing into drugs and alcohol, and I was separated from my family. I was just broken inside, and I wanted something better out of life." Watch this video and you’ll see that true life change is not only possible, it happens every day, at Star of Hope! We invite you to be a... Read More »
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In Honor of Zan

I have consistently had some place safe to sleep. I have consistently been fed.  I have consistently been loved. I have consistently made mistakes and have been forgiven and accepted. I have consistently been made to feel valued….and I have consistently forgotten that some people don’t have any form of healthy consistency in their own lives.   Star of Hope can’t save the world, but it can give... Read More »
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Pain Relief Today

If you or a loved one is suffering from any addictive behaviors and is now sick and tired of the pain and suffering, don't medicate with drugs and alcohol any longer, seek the true Physician, Jesus Christ.There was a woman who suffered from continuous bleeding for twelve long years. She tried everything that she could to stop the bleeding. She spent all of her money on doctors, but they could... Read More »
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Hope Floats Up in the Gulf of Mexico

Henry is seeing God's blessings abound, and each day it amazes him!  As he serves as a Chef on the ship in the Gulf of Mexico...he can see every day that--Hope Floats Up.Henry came to the Star of Hope Men's Development Center after searching for Drug Rehab Centers Houston.  Henry was hurt, broken, angry and addicted to drugs.  While going through intake for the SIX MONTH Spiritual Recovery Program ... Read More »
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Hope Floats Up on the Kemah Boardwalk

While the warm breeze blows in from the Gulf of Mexico on another HOT day in Texas...these men are grateful.  They are continuing their journey of HOPE... together!!Most of these six men entered Star of Hope's Men's Development Center (Drug Rehab Centers Houston) and did so "just in time." Some were on their way to an early grave; some had already been in prison and were on the verge of going... Read More »
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Hope Floats Up with TWO WORDS

When Cheri heard the words, "Case dismissed," she cried--happy tears.  This journey started long ago and, until now, there seemed to be NO HOPE.Cheri was addicted to drugs and living a lifestyle most would condemn. She lived life one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time...not thinking of the future. She didn't even really think she HAD much of a future...but, she had dreams.When broken,... Read More »
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Hope in the Wilderness - Sandra's Story

We all have our “wilderness” wanderings—much like the Israelites in the Old Testament. We have times in our lives when we have departed one place (Egypt) and are on to a new place (the Promised Land).  Many who enter the Drug Rehab Centers Houston or Battered Womens Shelter Houston are doing just that--moving from one place in their lives to another.  We hope and pray that there will not be a LONG... Read More »
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Keeping Families Together

I enjoyed seeing and catching up with several Alumni a couple of weeks ago at the Star of Hope Banquet. Angela is a single mom who completed our Transitional Living Center's Substance Abuse Recovery Program - New Hope.  You may remember Angela and her son from one of our newsletters last year. If you missed it, go to Star of Hope Mission: May 09 Newsletter. Angela and Brandon are doing well.  In... Read More »
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Drug Rehab Centers Houston

This morning I celebrated with six men who commenced from Star of Hope's Spiritual Recovery Program.  It's a monthly event and always a special time!Each man shared their story of addiction, separation from family, recovery and redemption.Alvin was hardcore homeless, a crack user and four years on the streets of Houston... sleeping under bridges or abandoned buildings and eating out of trash... Read More »
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Switchfoot Meets Star of Hope Clients, Former Clients, Fans & Staff

We had a great time with Switchfoot at Star of Hope's Transitional Living Center last Thursday. Thanks to everyone who came out for the event.I was surprised and happy to see a couple of our program graduates. Amber is pictured here with Switchfoot's Tim Foreman and Jon Foreman. Our November Newsletter just came out last week and Amber's son is on the front cover. Drug Rehab Centers Houston: Go to... Read More »
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