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A Friend in Need…

You gotta love the folks at Marriott International and Glazier Foods. Together, they delivered 5 tons of much-needed, non-perishable food to our Storehouse and unloaded every box, bag, and bundle by hand—well with a little help from a fork lift.

This was a definite hallelujah moment for our kitchen staff and all of Star of Hope, for that matter, because with nearly 1,000 hungry, homeless men, women, and children to feed, daily, the words “5 tons” weighs in at the top of the blessings scale.

This is the fourth year that Marriott has rallied their family of hotels around the city to help the homeless at Star of Hope, through their Spirit to Serve initiative, collecting thousands of pounds of food for the people in our shelters. But this year, Glazier Foods upped the ante by matching Marriott’s effort pound for pound, doubling the donation and making it an awesome feed-for-all. 

Thank you Marriott International and Glazier Foods. You are a friend indeed.

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