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Diapers Anybody?

diapers neededThere isn’t a day that goes by that I am not conscience of how blessed I am that my family and I have the things we need to sustain us.  Working at Star of Hope keeps me mindful, humble, and grateful.  I see the homeless come by the hundreds on a daily basis, suffering from so much lack, many of them parents with young children, and I know that God put me here to help them.

One of my responsibilities is to locate sources for stocking our shelves with the items needed to properly care for our clients.  That has always proven to be a rewarding pursuit, mainly because Houston is such a generous town.  I remember how intimidated I was when I first arrived here from the East Coast, knowing nothing about the personality of the city, its people, or how to ask for their support.  I fully expected to be politely turned down.   So I wrote out a script with God-fatherly intent: to make an offer they couldn’t refuse; in this case, an offer that would open their hearts to a message of help.  Well, a funny thing happened.  I never got to use my script, because the answers I got were, “Yes,” and, “Is there anything more I can do?” 

Those of you who are faithful readers of our blogs know that, in this economy, our donations have dropped as our client numbers continue to rise.  Right now, our family shelters are in dire need of diapers.  “Dire” might seem like an overstatement,  in reference to diapers, but I assure you it is not.  We use 1,500 diapers a month on hundreds of little bottoms.  We could sure use your help in keeping them fresh and dry.  If anyone would like to host a diaper drive for the babies at Star of Hope, please contact us at 713-440-5341, or by email  I, for one, would be so thankful; besides, I threw away my old Godfather script.

Visit Star of Hope Mission at Charitable Donations Houston for our locations and lists other needed items.

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