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Dwelling In The Shelter

Marilyn FountainMarilyn Fountain
As Director of Community Relations at Star of Hope, I have the unique privilege of being part of the dichotomy that exists for the hundreds of homeless men, women, and children who dwell in our shelters. Every day, as I work on their behalf, I see the hurt and devastation that comes with the losses they’ve experienced. But, on the other hand, I get to link arms with people in the community – people from all walks of life – who give of themselves and their treasure, in support of our ministry.

It is their generosity that makes it possible for Star of Hope to offer the services that help clients regroup and focus on rebuilding their lives. Without a doubt, I am blessed to be here and immensely grateful that the Lord saw fit to bring me across the country, all the way from Pennsylvania, to this Mission, for this privilege, and this purpose.

Comments for Dwelling In The Shelter

Name: Wendi Hay
Time: Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hi Ms Marilyn, I wonder have you ever thought of creating a book for Star of Hope donors. A collection of writings, stories, poetry, testimonies, inspirational quotes, etc. all written by Star of Hope clients with all proceeds going to the Star of Hope? It's a great idea to raise awareness to root issues, and to showcase client talents. You come to graduations and you have heard the testimonies, they are lifechanging! I would love to share the idea with you. You know how to find me. PS: I start school in January, I am going to get my degree in Bus. Mgt. Grace and Peace!!!

Name: Coppelia
Time: Thursday, September 13, 2012

It was incredible spending time with you and Scott Arthur at Star of Hope. I shared "Dwelling in the Shelter" with our promotions team and hopefully we'll be partnering to bring more hope to Houston through "Star of Hope" and "The voice of Hope connecting you to God" KSBJ!

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