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From Homeless to Most Likely to Succeed

When you think about the homeless, do you see tragedy? We see the pain of homelessness every day, as men, women and families pour into our centers for help. However the picture looks different when you see it from our vantage. You see, our focus is not on tragedy but trajectory. Ours is an upward view with a goal to launch those who come to us to levels of achievement that will ensure their opportunity for successful living.

I had a chance to revel in that truth recently, when I met with a woman named Christine. About ten years ago, Christine arrived at Star of Hope Transitional Living Center for homeless women and families. She was young, attractive, and intelligent, though barely a semblance of functionality. The years of partying and addiction that had been so exciting had become an excess she could no longer afford physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually.

To see Christine now is like looking at the winner of the Most Likely to Succeed award. It’s hard to believe that she had ever met, let alone been, the person of a decade ago. This accomplished Real Estate Agent has maintained her sobriety, stability and upward call, ever since leaving Star of Hope. What’s more, her mother and brother, both of whom suffered with alcohol addictions, are living sober lives, having seen the victory over substance abuse that Christine experienced.

Christine will tell anyone that her change is the direct result of being enrolled in the TLC program and finding a God-centered life, just as the Apostle Paul described in Romans 12:2, when he said, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…”

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