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Home Is Where The Heart Is

There’s a lot to be said for the expression, “Home is where the heart is.”
The other day, as I was walking through the courtyard at the Transitional Living Center for Women and Families, I came upon a young woman sitting on a bench. It was a perfect afternoon for being outdoors. The sun was bright and warm, and the air seemed to move slowly, more like a sigh than a breeze.  But this woman was a new mom, and in her arms was a tiny blue bundle which she held close to her body, in a protective cuddle that offered her baby the kind of warmth that only a mother can give.  

Mom is homeless but baby is not.  Yes, he lives in a shelter with his mom, but with only eight weeks on his calendar, what does he know about homelessness? He was at home in his mother’s embrace, right under her heart where he could hear each beat, feel secure and sleep in peace, just like he did when he was even closer to her, in the secret place where God was forming him. It was the sweetest reminder of the power of love.

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