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Team Effort Scores Big for Star of Hope

The Astros organization is batting a thousand when it comes to community outreach, and, boy, did they hit a homer for Star of Hope. In conjunction with their partnership program with State Farm Insurance, the Astros Foundation Development team selected us to be the recipient of the State Farm’s Good Neighbor award—on the Astros field, no less, before thousands of cheering fans.

What a huge blessing! And the timing could not have been better. Think about it. We have unprecedented numbers of overflow guests—women and children-- bedding down on our emergency shelter floor every night, mat-to-mat, because our rooms are at capacity. More challenging? Our need for resources to care for them is growing right along with the increasing numbers. But lo and behold, the Astros organization saw our need, stepped right up to the plate, and knocked one out of the park for us via their State Farm partner. And Like a good neighbor, State Farm was there with a $500 check to give hope to the homeless, at Star of Hope. Sweet!

One of the special moments early in the evening was a meet-and-greet with outfielder Jason Michaels. He’s a pleasant, self-effacing chap--makes you feel like you’re just hanging out together, catching up on old times with a good friend. I felt an instant, migratory kinship with him. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates (my hometown ball club), and, later, for the Philadelphia Phillies (I lived in Philadelphia for many years and rooted for the team), and, now, here we are in Houston. Oh, yeah, off season, he’s in Tampa, Florida. I’m in Tampa often. It’s where my brother lives.

It was a great night. Hank Rush, our president and CEO accepted a presentation check from State Farm’s James Banks that was big enough for the folks in the peanut gallery to read. The rest of the Star of Hope team attending the event: Betty Nunnally, Vice President of Programs, Mary Cantu, Vice President of Development, and I, cheered him on, along with that wascally wabbit: Junction Jack. What a kick he is, and cuddly, too. I know. I have a big bunny-hug photo to prove it.

Learn about ways you can give at Star of Hope Charitable Donations Houston.

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