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A Child at Heart

Kevin Burns - Star of Hope Mission VolunteerLast week I was at the Star of Hope Mission performing some poetry for the teenagers who reside there. It was an awesome event put on by the teen staff. There were other artists there as well, lending their time and talents to make a special evening for the youth. However, in no way do I believe that I gave more than I received while being amongst those teens. They blessed me in ways that I haven't grasped yet. They touched my spirit and progressed my soul.

There were many teens there who have lived through and continue to live with more obstacles than I could have imagined at that age. They have overcome obstacles that I'll never have to face and yet they are just like many teenagers laughing, joking and enjoying their youth. There is something about youth. They possess what many of us lose grasp of as we progress through life's journey; the hope and vigor for life through strong oppression. Please support the youth and Star of Hope Mission. - #WeAreOne

Kevin Burns


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