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A Former Resident

My name is Lawrence Scott. I am a former resident of Star and Hope Mission's Women and Family Emergency Shelter and Transitional Living Center. In 1992 my mother, younger brother and I moved back to the emergency shelter after a very brief stay 6 months prior. My mother, a single parent, had fallen on hard times and we found ourselves without a place to stay. I was 11 years old and was devastated that we would have to live in a shelter.

I remember being dropped off by a taxi and walking up a set of stairs right outside the emergency shelter. That walk took an eternity. As soon as we entered I was invited to go to the play room while my mom filled out paper work. Chutes and Ladders was the game of choice. A short time later we were escorted to our room and for the next few weeks we were getting comfortable with our new situation. This was the beginning of one of the most profound experiences in my entire life. It was during my stay at the emergency that I really began to trust God. I was able to go to Christian Camps for the first time in my life. Before going camping, we would have to learn memory verses and bible drills; things that help me even to this day. One of the best parts of my stay was having the chance to be a part of the bible studies that the staff and volunteers would host. Those really helped my spiritual development. Eventually we moved to the Transitional Living Center.

In addition to the wonderful things that were available to us in the emergency shelter, we had a wonderful computer lab available to us on site. This computer lab helped me to refine my typing skills and helped me be more proficient with the computer in general. My family and I were the recipients of not only tremendous people of God with a desire to help others, but a Christian environment that taught me what giving was all about. One year, we went to a Christmas party that was hosted (if I’m not mistaken) by the Houston Oilers. We even had a chance to go on stage and meet the players. When we got back to the bus, there was a gift in each seat waiting for us. Another time, we had a pizza party at the Galleria and we were able to ice skate. There are so many experiences I can recall during my stay there and I knew that when I was older I would want to give back.

After a great career in financial planning, I entered full time ministry as a Youth Pastor. I recently planted a church in the Pearland area, Harvest Point Fellowship Church, where I currently serve as the Lead Pastor. One of my hopes is to build a strong relationship with Star of Hope. Our church is excited about volunteering with your organization.

Lawrence Scott

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Name: Paula Henderson
Time: Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pastor Scott, I'm so proud of you. When I first heard you preach I knew God would take you a long way.

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