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Demonstrating Christ’s Love Through Service

When I was presented with the opportunity to volunteer at Star of Hope, I didn’t think twice about it and gladly signed up. My first volunteer experience with Star of Hope definitely impacted me in a great way. I volunteered alongside a group of people from my local church for Star of Hope’s Fall Harvest Festival.

Star of Hope Mission - Church partners volunteer at homeless shelter in Houston Texas

Throughout the evening, I was reminded of the immense and overwhelming need in our own city’s backyard. Above all the needs in plain sight, I knew that the greatest need has always been to spread the hope of the gospel to all who are currently lost and without Christ.

Even though it’s true that the gospel is a message and cannot be spread without being communicated through words (Romans 10:5-17), we must not forget that we’re also called to demonstrate the love of Christ through our actions by serving others. Our service and care makes the love of Christ tangible. This is especially true when reaching the homeless.

They need people who not only speak the message of hope to them, but also put hands and feet into action in displaying that hope. Our city’s streets are filled with forgotten men, women and children in desperate need. That’s why I’m extremely grateful that God continues to use Star of Hope to care for our city’s homeless community.

I’m glad I get to contribute whatever time and energy I can to their mission. I look forward to volunteering again in the future and encourage you to volunteer as well!

Grace and Peace,
Carlos Rebollar

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