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E.G.O. Boutique presents the Fashion Extravaganza benefiting Star of Hope

When I was younger, maybe elementary school aged, I came to Star of Hope with my mother and sisters after a divorce that left us with nothing. Star of Hope was there to make us feel as comfortable as possible in a very traumatic situation. They tried their best to make us feel at home. They came to our rescue, fed us, gave us clothes and had activities for us to participate in during the summer. So when I thought about an organization to benefit from my fashion show, Star of Hope was first to come to mind.

Domestic Violence is also why I set up this event and chose Star of Hope. Because of what I experienced in my past and what I have seen amongst my family and friends, I want my event to serve the purpose of education and enlightenment to current victims of their options. This topic is so important to me to share with the community because so many people don’t know that there is a way out of domestic violence situations; they feel they have nowhere to go. At my event, they will learn that there is a way out through the testimonies of former victims as well as through encouragement from the counselors that will be present. Whether verbal, emotional or physical, domestic abuse is not okay. And having a relationship with God is the first step to overcoming such situations.

This Fashion Extravaganza is set to educate, entertain and to inspire. I want patrons to become aware of the seriousness of domestic violence through the program that will take place. But most importantly, I want people to know that you are never too old or too hopeless to fulfill your dreams. There are people rooting for you and resources like the Star of Hope to take you in and meet you at the point of your need.


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Name: Brandi Victorian
Time: Friday, July 18, 2014

This is awesome Yolanda. I love it! You keep doing awesome things!

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