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Faith in Christ Brings New Hope

Star of Hope Mission: Faith in Christ Brings New Hope!“Star of Hope is an empowering part of my life”, Shayla said.

Growing up surrounded by family and friends who turned to drugs when the road got rough never gave Shalay much of a chance. It was easy to fall back on that lifestyle and those kinds of choices when life hit her hard, and Shalay eventually found herself arrested and convicted.

Shamed by the memory, she shook her head and said, “I got sent to prison. I got sent to a substance abuse facility.” But neither place helped her break free from her substance abuse—or her background.

“Life was not good,” Shalay said. “And it got really down and deep about five years ago.”

But a child can change everything. “In October of last year,” Shalay said, “I came because I needed help and stability for myself and my little baby. And God helped me get here to Star of Hope on faith alone.”

Along with stability and a strong, positive place to recover and rebuild, Shalay found new hope and a genuine faith in Jesus Christ. “Today, I am ‘God first,’” she said. ,“I am just really thankful for being in this place because it is so Christian-based, and I asked God for that.”

Working long and hard on her road back to sobriety and responsibility, Shalay is so grateful for the love and care she and her little one received at Star of Hope.

Shalay said, “Star of Hope is an empowering part of my life! It is amazing for me to see today how God works through people here. There is a spiritual awakening for me every day to see how good people help me and my baby. And I see them help a lot of other people and their babies, too—it really is amazing!”

As she prepares to move forward towards a productive, independent life for herself and her child, Shalay said, “Star of Hope is really important in my journey because it has helped me lay a foundation. It has helped show me that I can take care of myself and how to put my best foot forward so I can help the next man, woman or child who may need something in their life.”

“This place has not been here for all these years for no reason,” Shalay smiled. “I am just truly grateful. And I thank God.”

We share Shalay’s gratitude with key partners in this ministry, like you! Thank you for being there for mothers and children like Shalay and her baby, and so many more in our care!

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