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Finding Hope in the Aisles of a Grocery Store

Just after the holidays, I was on my way home from work one evening and decided to stop by the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner. This was my typical, yet dreaded, routine as the hustle and bustle of shoppers at 5pm does not yield the most desirable shopping experience. With grocery list in hand and a focused mindset, I was determined to maneuver quickly through the aisles, pay, then make my exit … until I was stopped in my tracks by a smiling little girl who wrapped her arms around my waist … followed by another!

What a wonder to see a former Star of Hope client and his family doing their weekly grocery shopping as well! The children remembered me from when they were under our care and embraced me with big hugs as their father grinned and greeted me with a wave. The children were eager to share about their progress in school and all the presents Santa brought for Christmas.

Where they once had no hope, I could sense comfort and happiness in the stories of their new beginning.

It was not long ago that the family of 6 couldn’t afford groceries and didn’t have a place to call home. Not so much as a smile graced the father’s face as he struggled to provide for his family. It brought my heart joy to have been a witness to their journey and see that they have indeed reached a level of independent living, thanks to the Glory of God and to Star of Hope Mission which continues to carry out its vision to end homelessness, one life, one family at a time.

So as a Star of Hope staff, I want to say “Thank You” to the donors, volunteers, community partners and my fellow staff members for all you do to put many more smiles on the faces of Houston’s homeless.

Chrystal Rivers, MBA
Annual Giving Program Specialist
Star of Hope Mission

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