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GED and Your Support Provide Second Chance

Star of Hope Mission: GED and your support provide a second chance.“I knew I needed the GED through Star of Hope to make it.”

Cedric started out in the church and with a strong, settled family life. But the wrong friends led him into a life in the streets . . . and eventually took him down as far as he could go.

“I was going from house to house,” he said. “Then there was this one night I could not make it any farther. I felt like my life was over. I asked, ‘God, I need some help.’” And through a stranger’s care, God brought Cedric here.

“A man walked up to me,” Cedric said, “I had never seen him before, and he asked me, ‘Are you looking for shelter? Follow me,’ and he pointed to Star of Hope. ‘That’s the place. Get over there and get yourself some help!’ I started walking, looked back to thank him . . . and he was gone.”

Cedric took that miraculous direction personally. “I started the seven-month Spiritual Recovery Program,” he said. “One day led to another, and then they told me about the GED classes, and how they have a computer program where you can practice your skills, learn the computer—and get your GED.”

Cedric smiled at how the Lord took him from homeless to finishing his education. “My mom always told me I had to go to school, but I did not know then that Star of Hope would be the place I would be doing my studies!

“It could have been anybody else who received help, but I believe God chose me at that time to be here. I call that a blessing. I knew I needed the GED I got through Star of Hope to make it!”

Through your gifts and prayers, lives like Cedric’s have turned around completely. Please remember those we serve with your support, and God bless you for helping transform lives!

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