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Healed, Hopeful and Grateful

My significant other of 30 years passed away from cancer in July 2011. Nine months later I was left with nothing and evicted from my house. My neighbor allowed me to stay one night on her couch. The next morning she said I had to go. I asked her to take me to Star of Hope on Dowling. I knew nothing about the organization, but I had nowhere else to go.

I took all of Pastor Turner’s classes and worked hard in the kitchen. I was given a room and started my job search, using the computer at the Dowling location to fill out job applications. I asked my case manager, Kim Lee, to help me get into Star of Hope’s Transitional Living Center (TLC). She gave me the 17 page application which I filled out immediately. I was accepted into New Beginnings and moved to TLC in August 2012.

Star of Hope Mission: Transitional Living Center Alum, Aline

Every minute that I was wasn’t involved in New Start or Personal Development, I was on the TLC computers filling out job applications. My efforts were rewarded with a receptionist/accountant position in October 2012. TLC has been a paradise for me; having all the resources I need … even offering counseling services on site. I’ve been so impressed with everything Star of Hope's Transitional Living Center has to offer.

I thought I would be here longer, but a detached garage apartment has become available for me. So, with a heavy heart I will be leaving on June 8. I will have been at Star of Hope for 361 days. During my stay here I have become healed, hopeful and grateful. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life and coming back to “give back” by volunteering at TLC.

Transitional Living Center Alum

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