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Helping the Homeless Continues to be My Mission

While I contribute regularly financially to Star of Hope, I felt I wanted to do more but could not due to time constraints. Helping out socially is a great way for me to contribute.

A few years ago, I decided to choose an organization to give to regularly since I finally had a full time job and could afford to give. Ever since I was little, I had a desire to help those in need. While I didn't have the best of everything growing up, I was blessed to have shelter and food and I knew there were people out there that did not. I vowed even then to help those in need when I got older. When it's cold outside and/or bad weather, my heart goes out to those on the streets or in homes without heat or protective roofs. My heart is especially pained for children who have no choice in the matter and are suffering and, most times, forced to grow up too soon.

Star of Hope is an organization that I am confident helps those in need, especially children and mothers. I believe the work of Star of Hope is invaluable to the Houston Community.


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