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HOPE for John Davis!

On Friday morning, I received a call from Scott Arthur , Director of Public Relations, regarding a referral sent by KPRC Channel 2 News Houston, who encountered an elderly man, Mr. John Davis (71) living under the bridge at the intersection of 59 N Freeway and S. Gessner in the Southwest area of Houston.

Mr. John Davis (71) was taken to Memorial Hermann (Southwest Campus) and had been an impatient in their emergency care unit for over 6 hours. I arrived at the Hermann Memorial at 3:00pm in the afternoon with the hopes of transporting Mr. John Davis to our Men's Emergency Shelter at Star of Hope. However, we learned from the Registered Nurse and Social Worker working with Mr. John Davis that He has paraplegia ( left side of his body completely paralyzed), along with Kidney disease and blurry vision. Mr. John Davis has been living on the streets of southwest houston for more than a month after getting evicted from a near by senior assisted living facility. His motor scooter was completely broken and beyond repair, which left him completely unable to move around. Mr. Davis hasn't connected with his family in over 5 years and left completely helpless and worthless and would be left back living on the streets in during these cold temperatures.

After over 6 years of being with Mr. John Davis and gathering information from him, he allowed us to help him as he cried and pleaded that he cannot go back to the streets. Kenneth DeVon Eakins along with Social Services Managers, Abi and Melinda, came together and worked tirelessly over 3 hours to find a suitable environment for Mr. John Davis.

Around 7:30pm, We were able to place Mr. John Davis in a Personal Care Home, called Payten's Place, where he will be living permanently and paying with his social security and retirement income. Hermann Memorial blessed Mr. John Davis with a new motor scooter as he went to his new home. Mr. Davis is no longer on the streets and is in a safe environment permanently, where he can live his life warm and peacefully. Before he left the hospital around 8:45pm, Mr. Davis asked me to pray for me, and we all held hands, doctors and nurses included, and prayed a blessing over Mr. Davis for strength and peace as he transitions into his "NEW" Home!

What an incredible privilege of being apart of God's story as we come together to end homelessness, one life, one family at a time!

Going where Love has not yet arrived!

Star of Hope Mission
Houston Homeless Services, Programs and Ministry

Kenneth Eatkins
Outreach Case Manager
Star of Hope Mission

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