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Laughing During Tough Times

Laughing during tough times is okay. Last week I was on the food line at Star of Hope helping to serve the guests’ lunch. Due to the heat and school being out for the summer, we had a long line of people waiting. I was working side by side with one of the guests and I sensed that she seemed quiet or sad or a bit withdrawn.

I didn’t want to ask her at that particular moment as we were trying to keep up with filling the trays and getting them out quickly. Our trays kept bumping into each other and we kept trying to help each other, but it was chaotic.

I turned to her and said, “Do you remember that episode from I Love Lucy… the one where she and Ethel were working at a candy factory and trying to keep up with the conveyer belt?” She looked at me with wide eyes, smiled and said, “Yes, I do” and immediately realized our comic situation.

We both laughed at ourselves and felt a little lighter hearted for the moment. A laugh or a smile goes a long way, it’s free and everyone has an abundance of them to share each day.

Sherri Callahan
Star of Hope Volunteer

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