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Lessons from the Clothing Room: God Provides!

Every Wednesday morning at Star of Hope’s Donation and Distribution Center is a scavenger hunt of sorts. With a list of specific client clothing needs in hand, Abigail, Kristin and I sift through boxes and bags of donations, searching for the right garments. We make a game out of locating and capturing these items - size 18 pants, women's socks, dresses with sleeves, any brand new business professional clothes. The needs change weekly, but we are always on the lookout.

Apparently, God is on the lookout for our clients as well. We ask Him to provide clothing articles according to the specific needs of each week. With a little searching on our part, He often provides what we need.

Three weeks ago, Ms. Rochelle informed us that we needed plus size clothing. After an hour of sifting, we finally discovered about fifteen plus size blouses and pants, waiting for our searching hands to pluck them from the depths of the big cardboard box. I felt like God was reminding me through this plethora of blouses that He pays attention to the needs of His children.

Mission Year student volunteers at Star of Hope Mission in Houston Texas

The next week, we needed pre-teen boys’ clothes, especially pants. We prayed God would meet that need too. We returned back to the Transitional Living Center clothing room with at least ten pairs of size 8-12 boys pants and some shirts too!

Clothing donations for Star of Hope Mission being sorted by Mission Year Student

One client's appointment in the clothing room especially reminds me of God's provision for His kids. I had undertaken a massive organization project as she took her time selecting clothes. Bags of clothes were scattered on the floor, waiting for their contents to be discovered and sorted. Towards the end of her appointment, the client informed me that she could not find any undergarments her size. While finagling to open a finicky, tied plastic bag, I asked her what her size is. We could search one more time in our bins, then write the item on our list of items to look for at the warehouse. As she told me her size, I conquered the tricky grocery bag knot. To my surprise, this bag contained over fifteen undergarments - each exactly her size!

God clothes the flowers of the field, He faithfully clothes us too (Matthew 6:25-34). He cares, and He provides!

Carole Sconfitto
Mission Year Student

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Name: Margaret s
Time: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hey Carole. I'm so glad you wrote this down. Someday you're going to need it and look back and remember this important principle- God Provides!

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