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Live Simply, Love Others

I’ve been volunteering full-time at Star of Hope for over seven months now with a program called Mission Year. As we started working and learning the ins and outs of the Transitional Living Center, I never expected to be teaching one of the classes I observed during my first week here. But that’s exactly what happened.

Earlier today the other two Mission Year girls (Abigail and Carole) and I taught the personal development class about environmentalism. This is something that has been built into Mission Year’s program, and therefore placed on our hearts in our time with the program. Mission Year believes in living simply. That means having the mind-set of only buying/using what you need. Without the distractions of “stuff” you are left with more time for loving God and loving people; our ultimate call as Christians.

In teaching this class we hoped to open up the eyes of these women to what they can do to recycle and conserve, what caring for the world means in relation their faith, and simply open their eyes to the condition of America’s consumerism. We learned about the majority of these issues through a book called Serve God, Save the Planet that we study as a part of Mission Year.

This was definitely a new experience for me. Not only teaching a class, but teaching it to women who are up to forty years my elder! Most of the time I feel like the women I’m serving are speaking truth into my life more than I am into theirs.

They are continually thanking us for our time here and for the way we genuinely care about helping them. Every time someone thanks me all I can think is what a great example they are being and how I should go thank someone myself. I’m realizing more and more that Star of Hope has helped foster me as I’m stepping out into being an adult. The experiences I’ve gained in the past seven months don’t have price tags on them, they’re gifts from God.

Mission Year volunteers at Star of Hope in Houston Texas helping serve and teach others

Kristin Wade
Mission Year Student

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