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Meet A Nice Young Woman

You look at Alyssa and most of us would say she looks like a nice young woman, standing there in her Transitional Living Center program graduation gown. She seems to have a good life going for her.

And you would be right. But the truth is, her health is a credit to God for bringing her to Star of Hope and caring for her. If she had stayed where she was, she would not look the same. Without Star of Hope ... without God ... she would be in great trouble.

Go back a year in time and you would find Alyssa living in a miserable hotel. Drug use was a big part of her life. When troubles came she escaped to a substance-driven euphoria.

Under the influence of drugs she forgot she had three children taken from her by social services. The regrets from turning away from her good upbringing and education no longer concerned her. All she knew was she felt happy, even though her body was dying from the drug inside. She would not last long living like this.

And then something good happened to her. Another baby was on the way, a strong message from God that she had to stop. She knew she could not do this to another innocent one.

So she ran to Star of Hope where there was help waiting. Help you provided for her and others trapped in such evil ways.

There are counselors here who know how to get her through the painful turn around. There is support from other residents who also suffered like her. They understand. They know her struggles and how to help.

Alyssa can now talk about that terrible life, a year later. Today she is becoming a loving parent to her newborn. What is more, her other three children are coming back to her. She has proven herself. She has a new start.

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