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Moving Day!

New Haven II welcomes men and women home.

Excitement was in the air recently as Star of Hope’s New Haven II program, in partnership with New Hope Housing, welcomed 43 residents. This new property located on Rittenhouse, offers chronically homeless, single men and women a new beginning and hope for a brighter future.

Star of Hope Mission: New Haven II welcomes men and women home

With a total of 55 apartments, the facility will soon be filled with residents who have previously been homeless. They have each also been diagnosed with mental and/or emotional conditions, ranging from simple anxiety to severe paranoid schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders.

New Haven II and its “sister” program New Haven encourage participants to learn about their diagnoses and get more information about medications, treatments and resolutions to their problems.

Case managers, counselors, recovery coaches, volunteers, interns and other community partners provide services and support.

Goals for the participants include:

  • long-term mental and emotional stability
  • a sustainable income
  • employment for those able to work (part or full time)
  • family reconciliation and community involvement
  • the eventual ability to live independently

Thank you! Your continued prayers and support make these programs possible.

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Star of Hope Mission

Comments for Moving Day!

Name: Benjamin Rideaux
Time: Saturday, May 24, 2014

This was truly a great day that I will never forget. The smiles and happy faces that was left on the clients faces when they received their new place of residence. I will truly miss the guys who I personally helped to provide some glimpse of Hope - Star of Hope!

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