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Our Trip to Schlitterbahn

I attended the Schlitterbahn field trip with the children from Star of Hope last week. We took 6 teachers and 30 children. Once we got in the park and in our groups, we were able to separate and take the kids on what they wanted to do.

My group (4-7 years) went on the lazy river that had a twist! We were just floating a long and then a BIG WAVE started and flipped some of us over! The kids thought it was so funny! The waves kept coming and they wanted to do it again and again.

Throughout the day, we rode tube rides, body slides and went to children play areas and the children had a blast! Some of the children were afraid to ride some of the rides, but they were able to overcome their fears and ended up loving the ride. It was so fun to watch them have such a great time. On the bus they talked to their friends about what they got to do and shared stories of their exciting day. It was a joy to be apart of their special day!

Rebecca Ehrman
ExxonMobil Intern

Make This a Summer of Hope for Houston's Homeless
Star of Hope Mission

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